urbaniture kent mobilyası tasarımı urban furniture design street furniture

Urban Furniture Design Studio

We Design

We use our creativity, experience and knowledge to create aesthetic, useful and durable designs.

We Develop

We can develop brand new designs.

We Apply

We implement designs with our solution partners

Responsible Urban Furniture Design

We develop design according to variables, components and life. Our designs integrate with the city.

urbaniture kent mobilyası tasarımı urban furniture design street furniture

Human Centered Urban Furniture Design

Urbaniture believes in human-oriented design. For this reason, we prioritize developing Human Centered Urban Furniture Design. The urban furniture we designed here are handled by putting human needs in the foreground. We develop urban furniture design that will make people’s lives easier and meet their needs.


Social Urban Furniture Design

In the process of urban furniture design, it is possible to improve the quality of urban life in small spaces by bringing together people by developing a multi-functional urban furniture with the right location. Thus, an urban furniture will truly be a living urban furniture.

Accessible Urban Furniture Design

The city furniture that needs to be handled first to make the cities more accessible includes bus stops, benches, trash cans, poles, signboards, telephone booths, sales units, flowerpots.


urbaniture: everything about urban furniture! Taxi station, bus station, minibus station, security cabin, newspaper kiosk, public bread kiosk, food kiosk, armored cabin, communication point, ticket sales unit, modular  building, toilet, police point, akbil sales unit, atm units, information bank, telephone box, winter garden, bench, flower bed, border elements, trash cans, garbage container, recycle trash bin, underground garbage container, recycling mob, recycling bin, bicycle park, multifunctional urban furniture, stream reclamation elements, stream railing, manhole cover, parcel chimney cover, fiber optic annex room, rain water grid, prefabricated culvert, duct elements, sound wall, separator, auto railing, curbstone, curbstone, disabled ramp, exhibition element, clock tower, deck chair, life chair , children’s playgrounds, picnic tables, touchstone, guiding elements, pergolas, pergola.  design proprietary and produced urban furniture experience with a large number of new and unique urban furniture design support.

With the experience of dozens of products, we prepare the designs for production. We make the product ready with our solution partners and deliver them ready to use wherever you want!

We realize the manufacturing drawings of the designs and make them ready for production. In the process of application, we select the production site, control the product, approve the product and transport the product, and we deliver the designs to you with our solution partners who are experts in their fields without compromising on quality!

urbaniture kent mobilyası tasarımı urban furniture design street furniture

URBANITURE. Ultimate Urban Furniture Design Experience!!

17 years of urban furniture experience
More than 50 different types of urban furniture
More than hundred of product design experience

Special designs, projects for municipalities

We know the needs of local governments and understand their language. We develop and implement urban furniture designs according to your wishes!


Design support for architectural design offices

You take care of other parts of the project, we’ll take care of the urban furniture design. In this way, your city furniture is designed by our experts and you can pay more attention to the other parts of the project. If you wish, we are also ready to provide training for the right urban furniture design tips!


Brand Solutions that add value to cities!

Branding is our special interest. We also have good solutions for branding cities. We are ready for all kinds of support for city furniture that adds value to the city and will be mentioned with the city!


Support for academic life

Universities are the key to our future. They will receive good training so that they can produce better. At this point, we are ready to support education, we are very eager to participate in studios and projects on Urban Furniture, to organize workshops and even to teach if necessary!


Special designs for residential projects and university campuses

We can offer special city furniture solutions for all kinds of spaces in order to make your private and limited spaces even more special and to make better use of the spaces within it.


Special projects, special designs

If you have an urban furniture design in mind and would like to consult a connoisseur to implement it, we will be happy to help you. From multifunctional urban furniture, armored cabins, charging stations to new generation playgrounds, we are ready to support any ideas you can think of and improve it.

urbaniture is a design studio focused on urban furniture design.

Good Design

we develop our designs adhering to good design principles.

Proper Project Development

We carry out the projecting process with details suitable for production!

Proper Application

We are working diligently to reveal durable urban furniture!

Versatile Consulting

You can benefit from our consultancy decorated with our rich experience and vision!

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