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ATM Unit Design: A Modern Approach to Urban Furniture

Urban furniture should not only fulfill its functional roles but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the cityscape. Elements of urban furniture within the same area must be designed with a unified language and standardized in accordance with this linguistic unity. Among the urban furniture that must be approached with these criteria are ATM units. Therefore, ATM unit design requires special attention.

Even ATM units that effectively showcase the corporate identities of individual banks can disrupt the overall urban aesthetic when grouped together. Hence, it is preferable to develop ATM units that align with the identity of their location rather than the individual corporate identities of banks. ATM units should not overshadow or contradict the identity of the city, university campus, residential complex, or shopping mall where they are situated.

Considering these criteria, the urban furniture and ATM units used in these areas should be approached with a cohesive design language. At Urbaniture, we have developed various designs for ATMs that consider both single and multiple usage scenarios.

We have transformed ATMs into user-friendly, accessible urban furniture that serves better in both individual and multiple configurations. Our designs also account for the needs of people with disabilities, ensuring that all ATM units meet accessibility criteria.

If You Need ATM Units:

You can choose from our existing designs or request a new design tailored to the needs and corporate identity of your city, campus, or residential complex.

A New ATM Unit Design: Social Urban Furniture!

At Urbaniture, we have not only successfully brought together ATMs but also transformed them into social urban furniture within our design approach. Our new ATM units are more equipped and ready to integrate into urban life. These units, which make ATMs more social, are modularly designed to allow for additions and removals based on your needs. We aim to collaboratively determine which functions the ATM units should have based on the needs of their location. By choosing from the additional functions we have developed, you can turn ATM units into well-equipped urban furniture that participates in city life beyond their primary function of dispensing cash.

ATMs are placed in highly visible and accessible areas to fulfill their functions, which often means locations with high pedestrian traffic. Limiting ATMs to a single function and leaving them idle when not in use restricts their potential contribution to the social life of their surroundings. With this in mind, we have reimagined ATM units beyond their traditional molds, transforming them into social urban furniture.

Innovations in ATM Unit Design

Incorporating current developments in urbanization, design, sociology, materials, production, technology, and artificial intelligence (AI), our ATM units reflect a forward-thinking approach to urban furniture design:

  1. Urbanization: Our designs consider the rapid urbanization trends, ensuring ATM units are adaptable to various urban environments, from dense city centers to emerging suburban areas.
  2. Design: The aesthetic aspect of our ATM units aligns with contemporary urban design trends, ensuring they complement their surroundings. Customizable elements allow for integration with different architectural styles.
  3. Sociology: Recognizing the social dynamics of urban spaces, our ATM units are designed to foster community interaction. They can be equipped with features such as seating areas, information kiosks, and charging stations to encourage social engagement.
  4. Materials: We use sustainable, durable materials that withstand urban environmental conditions while minimizing environmental impact. Recycled materials and eco-friendly coatings are part of our commitment to sustainability.
  5. Production: Advanced manufacturing techniques, including 3D printing and modular construction, enable efficient production and installation. This flexibility allows for rapid deployment and easy maintenance.
  6. Technology: Our ATM units integrate the latest technological advancements. Features such as contactless transactions, biometric authentication, and real-time data analytics enhance user experience and security.
  7. Artificial Intelligence: AI-driven functionalities include predictive maintenance, user behavior analysis, and adaptive lighting. These smart features ensure that ATM units operate efficiently and meet user needs dynamically.

Contact Us

If you need single or multiple ATM unit designs, please contact us for more information about our developed designs. At Urbaniture, we are committed to enhancing urban life through innovative, functional, and aesthetically pleasing urban furniture solutions.


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