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We transform urban spaces with 22 years of expertise by designing innovative, sustainable, and unique furniture that enhances the urban living experience.

Our mission is to redefine urban furniture by combining cutting-edge design with functionality, sustainability, and a deep understanding of urban dynamics. We strive to create pieces that inspire community interaction, enhance the urban experience, and stand the test of time.

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/ 2022 — 2024

Transform your urban spaces with Urbaniture's
innovative designs and expert consultations.

Join us in redefining urban living!

Urbaniture redefines urban spaces with innovative, bespoke furniture designs tailored to urban needs. We offer end-to-end services, from design to installation, focusing on sustainability and community engagement.

Our experts provide personalized advice on furniture selection, placement, and design strategies, ensuring each piece complements its surroundings and reflects community identity. We collaborate closely with clients to create custom designs that are practical and visually appealing.

Community involvement is central to our approach. Through workshops and collaborative projects, we empower communities to co-create designs, fostering a sense of ownership and pride.

Urbaniture is more than furniture; it’s a philosophy. Our designs integrate technologies for enhanced functionality and user experience, inspiring and connecting people in urban environments.


We are a dynamic, multi-skilled design studio
with 22 years of expertise, adept
at tackling urban furniture design challenges
with innovative, sustainable, and unique solutions.

Create something with us that matters

Our philosophy is to redefine
urban spaces through innovative,
sustainable, and unique furniture designs.


years of design experience


unique urban furniture design

Let's get in touch and
reimagine urban spaces together.

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